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The McDonald County Recycling Program has three drop-off locations. The primary collection center behind the courthouse in Pineville, in front of the Sheriffs Office parking lot; and smaller drop-off locations in South West City, behind City Hall; and in Noel, in the parking lot in front of the old Harps store on Main Street.

These are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, during daylight hours.

Map of Pineville showing Recycling Center location

Please help us make this program more efficient by taking a minute to read how to properly recycle each type of item.
Improperly recycled & mis-sorted materials costs our program

every year.

Items that may be recycled at each location:



Flattened boxes only. Nothing else should be mixed with the corrugated cardboard.

This means all packing materials that are not corrugated cardboard have to be removed. Especially plastic bags & expanded polystyrene (“Styrofoam”). Non-corrugated “cardboard” (actually called pasteboard) should be placed in the Mixed Paper bin instead. No blocks of wood or glued/pallet pieces.

Mixed Paper

Includes: Pasteboard (Cereal boxes, Soda/Beer Cases, etc…) & Newspaper – Cardstock – “Junk Mail” – Envelopes – Egg Cartons – any other non-corrugated (flat) “cardboard.” Please flatten any boxes, and remove all non-paper-based packing materials.

No dirty/soiled/food items, bags, used toilet or tissue paper/”Kleenex®” or corrugated cardboard boxes in the Mixed Paper Bin please. (Corrugated cardboard goes in its separate bin/trailer.)



Including inserts, now goes into it’s own small bin next to the sorting trailer.

Remove newspaper from any bags before placing in bin, please. **

White Paper

White Paper

White (office/copy) paper only in this bin.

No envelopes with this. Put envelopes in Mixed Paper bin instead.

No bags or boxes of paper please.**

Shredded Paper

Shredded Paper (Bagged)

Place in the White Paper Bin – CONTAINED INSIDE TIED BAGS ONLY!

No loose shred please!

Shredded paper is the exception to our no-bagged recyclables rule, because the time and trouble it takes to dump out the bags of shred is less than the time to track down all the thousands of loose bits of shredded paper.

Please don’t mix any other types of paper in the bag with the shredded office paper.


Including glossy catalogs.

No bags or boxes of magazines please.**



Any hardcover or paperback books.

No bags or boxes of books please.**

Beverage Cans

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum Soda and Beer Cans. Crushed is preferable, but not necessary.

ONLY BEVERAGE CANS IN THE ALUMINUM CANS BIN, other types of aluminum (like Cat Food cans) go into the “Scrap Aluminum, Copper, and Brass” bin.

No bags please. Dump the individual cans into the bin.**

Food Cans

Tin Cans

“Tin cans” – Please rinse food out of cans.
Labels are OK.

Non-ferrous (not magnetic) Cat Food and other non-beverage aluminum cans go into the “Scrap Aluminum, Copper, and Brass” bin.

No bags, dump the individual cans into the bin.**

Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal

For your large and bulky metal items, including appliances that are almost entirely made of metal, place them in the designated large metal trailer.
We also have a trailer of 4 green bins for small and medium pieces of miscellaneous metal scrap. Please separate the metal according to the signs on the bins.

For those who have asked: These trailers are for metal drop-off ONLY. Taking metal out of the trailers without permission is theft, and the site is monitored by video 24/7. We use the small amount of income we gain from the scrap to help offset the cost of our countywide litter control program, therefore stealing our scrap metal reduces the ability to clean up the county roads, so please don’t do it.

Note: If you have a large quantity of metal or if our bins are full, it might be worthwhile taking your metal to a local scrap dealer who offers cash for heavy scrap metal.
(“Got Junk, LLC” on south Hwy. 59 in Noel, or “Rebel Recycling” on Hwy. 76 West of Cassville.)***

Electronics & Batteries

If it has a cord, battery, and/or circuit board – it is classified as “E-Waste” (Electronic Waste) and recycled separately from all the other items. Please leave your unwanted electronics on the pallets under the carport next to the recycling trailers.
Batteries: There is a tub to place small batteries in, and larger batteries can be left on the pallets.

We can accept most types of electronics for recycling, except CRT “Tube” / “Box” / “Projection” type TVs and Monitors. DO NOT LEAVE THOSE TYPES OF TVs/MONITORS IN THE RECYCLING AREA. YOU WILL BE FINED FOR DUMPING. Area is now subject to surveillance. (Our county program simply can’t afford the substantial cost of disposing these items, which can cost us $5 or more per CRT TV/monitor.)

We hope to provide a special one-day drop-off event each year when you can bring in any electronics, including those big box TVs. This is dependent on if our local DNR Waste Management District is sponsoring the cost of such events. Click the “Follow” link at the bottom of the page to be notified of events and other announcements from this website.

Also, many manufacturers have recycling programs for the end user/consumer to bring in one or two of their old CRT TVs at little or no cost. Please search online for your TV brand name and “TV recycling” (Example search: “Sony TV recycling“)

#1 Clear Plastic

#1 Clear Plastic PET

This is most usually clear plastic water or other beverage bottles.

No bags of bottles please. Dump the individual bottles into the bin.**

#2 Frosted Plastic

#2 Natural Frosted Plastic

This is most usually Milk or Tea jugs, occasionally vinegar bottles also.

No bags of jugs please. Dump the individual jugs/bottles into the bin.**

#1-#7 Color Plastic

#1-#7 Colored Plastic

Basically every other recyclable plastic not including those specified above.
Make sure the recycling symbol is on each item.
If it isn’t, don’t recycle it here, even if it’s make of plastic.


Please remove any metal or plastic lids before recycling your glass.
All different colors can go in the same bin, no need to separate by color! Food & Beverage Containers, Drinkware, Cosmetic Jars, and more.
However, there are certain types of glass we aren’t able to accept, including: Mirrors, Automotive Glass, Pyrex, Milk Glass/Ceramic, Dishware, or Light Bulbs.
We encourage you to look at the full details about what is and isn’t accepted.

No bags of glass please. Carefully place the individual glass items into the bin.**

Empty Bags

Empty Bags

We now have a separate small bin just for your bags. If you bring recyclables in bags, please empty the recycling into the proper bins, and place any unwanted empty bags into the separate plastic bags bin.

(Or better yet, REUSE your bags!)

No ziplock bags please.

**Why don’t we want bagged recyclables? (Except for shredded paper.)
Because the bags slow the recycling process, requiring workers to stop, rip open the bags, and frequently sort out the misplaced recyclables (and all too often, non-recyclables). The bags/ties can also get caught in the processing machinery, or otherwise tangled. For more information about the problems with “tanglers” see these articles and videos.

***”Got Junk LLC” and “Rebel Recycling” are private businesses, not affiliated with the McDonald County Recycling program.

The types of recyclables we can accept vary somewhat, depending on what our regional Material Recycling Facilities are accepting at the time. However, the materials listed above are almost always accepted.



NO TIRES of any size.

We are working on a way to process tires, and expect to have occasional one-day events where we can accept a limited amount of tires from McDonald county residents.
These events will be posted at the county courthouse, city halls, and other bulletin board locations. You can also follow the various local government Facebook pages for updates.


NO Expanded Polystyrene (“Styrofoam”)

(We have, in the past, been able to accept foam, and hope to be able to do it again soon.)


NO MEDICAL WASTE of any sort.


NO GARAGE WASTE is accepted here.

(But waste oil is accepted at many local auto parts stores.)

NO "BOX" or "TUBE" TVs/Monitors

No Older CRT TVs or CRT Computer Monitors
This applies to the large heavy
Tube” or “Box” type, and large projection TVs.

(Newer Flat Panel types of TVs and Monitors are accepted. Place them on the palettes under the carport.)

We are constantly looking for ways to accept more types of recyclables, but are limited by several factors. If we find a reasonable way to process new materials, we’ll gladly do so.

We occasionally host special collection events for recyclables in the above list that we’re not normally able to accept, whenever we get the opportunity.

These events (such as tire collection days) will be posted at the county courthouse, city halls, and other bulletin board locations. You can also follow the various local government Facebook pages for updates. To be sure to get notified, click the “Follow” link at the bottom of this page.

The McDonald County Litter Control and Recycling program operates almost entirely from grant money, funded primarily by the Region M Waste Management District.

Region M aims to reduce solid waste in landfills through source reduction, recycling, and programs designed to educate the public about the importance of conserving and recycling.

It is our goal to operate our programs as efficiently as reasonably possible.
We work hard to find funding sources from outside the county, so your county sales tax money can be used for more urgent needs.

Please help us achieve our goals by:

  1. Not Littering, and discouraging others from littering or dumping.
  2. Recycling properly, by sorting materials carefully and not mixing in non-recyclables.
  3. Encouraging your friends and family to read this information (share this webpage) and recycle with us.

If your business, civic organization, club, or school would like to schedule a presentation about any aspect of recycling – or to discuss ways we can help you with the recyclable materials you collect – we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.


Dane Paulson, Program Manager

Office landline: 417-223-5459
Mobile/text: 417-454-4807
(Be prepared to leave a message, as the manager is frequently working in the county and out of signal range.)