Cleanup Volunteers Needed

YOU have the options:
When & Where

It’s about YOU:

You pick the county road or waterway you want to cleanup, or we can suggest sites for you.
(Clean up your own road, or a road convenient to you.)

You pick whichever day and time you want! Choose pleasant days when you feel like getting some fresh air and exercise.

You pick up the litter into bags we supply, and text us when and where the full bags are ready to be picked up.

That’s about all there is to it, so simple and easy!

Our Program

We are approved for Community Service Credit by virtually all schools.

Could this be a Family, Business/Organization, or Homeschool activity? YES!

We provide certificates of accomplishment when requested.

Volunteers can choose to work alone or in groups. This is a great opportunity for friends, family, or work colleagues to give back to their community.

We supply:

  • Safety Vests – Yellow lightweight mesh volunteer vests, cool in the summer, and easy to put over jackets in the winter.
  • Litter Bags – We have 33 gal plastic can liners in rolls, or you can use your own if you prefer.
  • Bag Pickup & Disposal Service – Our employees can come to your pickup location and collect the bags when you’ve filled them. We can also sort out the recyclables for you.

You supply:

  • A willingness to pick up litter often – at least once a month if possible and weather permits.
  • Ability to walk on uneven surfaces – including up and down roadside ditches if necessary.
  • Comfortable, safe footwear – comfy boots are best instead of sandals, opentoes, & flip-flops.

We also recommend (but do not normally supply*):

  • Gloves. We’ve found these very inexpensive nitirle-coated nylon work gloves work great in almost all weather, but you can use whatever you like.
  • Pickup Tools. Reacher/Grabber tools are relatively inexpensive and make it MUCH easier. Here at work we usually use this style. Some of the really cheap ones are flimsy and don’t last long for regular/daily use. But we’ve also had good luck with this and this.
  • Used Plastic buckets and/or old storage boxes/totes, used to help collect and sort.

*(Occasionally we can loan some of these items for special group collection events.)

Links to example items are used for illustrative purposes only and are not specifically recommended purchases or sources.

You also have the option to sort and/or deliver the bags IF you choose.


We always attempt to sort out the recyclable material from all the litter we pick up.
If you choose to assist us with sorting your bags, that would be so very helpful!
But it’s not necessary, we’re happy to do the pickup & sorting if you don’t wish to for any reason.

We appreciate whatever help you can provide!

Ready to help clean up our county?


For one person or a couple.

Groups / Businesses

Work as a team.
Families, Friends, or Co-Workers.

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