Litter Control

We operate a litter control program which cleans up roads maintained by the county.

(Other roads, such as those inside city limits, or numbered & lettered highways, are maintained by city crews and MoDOT, respectively.)

Wondering how to report a litter dump, or excessive litter along the roadway? Or are you looking for community service info? Check our Litter Control page for details.

Recycling Drop-off in SWC

To better serve residents in the western part of McDonald County, we are happy to announce we’ve reached an agreement with the Southwest City Council to provide a recycling drop-off in the parking area behind City Hall, near the corner of Main and Choctaw streets.

Full details are available on this handy PDF flyer: Available in English and Spanish. You may also pick up a printed copy at City Hall.

Currently, the types of recyclables accepted at this location are:

We hope to be able to add more bins to collect additional types of recyclables in the future. Meanwhile, please remember that the Pineville location continues to accept all these other types of recyclables.

It is our hope that this will encourage our residents who live in the SWC / Tiff City / and western Noel area to recycle more often by providing you a closer drop-off location. We seek to serve the recycling needs of all of McDonald county, not just the more-populated central area. We’ll also continue to evaluate the needs of the far eastern areas of the county, and if the resources and opportunity are favorable we hope to add a location there as well. If you know of a convenient location willing to host a recycling drop-off in the east please contact us.

Big Improvements Underway!

We’re excited to announce the arrival of our long-awaited new recycling trailer, and with it the ability to start accepting GLASS and other types of items for recycling!

This new trailer, entirely funded by our grant from Region M Waste Management District, allows us to make several changes to significantly improve our overall recycling program. Including:

  1. Consolidate multiple different trailers into one, improving efficiency by reducing trips to our local Material Recycling Facilities.
  2. Tidy up our recycling area, with far fewer trailers cluttering the space.
  3. Keep the recyclables dry, out of the old uncovered trailers.
  4. Allow easier access from the sides with push-in access panels for most types of recyclables (except metals) – rather than flipping the heavy large bin covers on the old style trailers.
  5. Increases the number and types of different recycling we are able to accept.

To help ease the transition, we are also leaving one of the old open-top “cage” trailers next to the new recycling bins. This is for “overflow” (in case any of our bins gets full before we can empty it) AND in case anyone is unable to sort their mixed bags of recyclables. You may leave your bags in this sorting trailer and we’ll take care of it for you. Even though it’s far more efficient for you to sort your own recyclablesMisplaced recycling and contaminates in our bins costs our program hundreds of dollars every year. So we’d rather sort it for you than have it go into the wrong bins. This is on a trial basis, as folks adjust to the new arrangements.

We are still making adjustments, “fine-tuning” our new arrangements, and of course still dealing with the construction obstacles next door in our lot. But we have a plan to consolidate our recycling area soon and make it even easier for you to recycle almost all types of recyclables right here in Pineville!

Please check our small portable sign at the front of the new recycling trailer for directions to the various bins. As of now, we have the metal recycling bins – including various can types – separate from the rest of the recycling bins, off to the far right of the lot (north side). Our new covered “carport” behind the new recycling trailer is where to place your unwanted electronics and batteries (no big CRT or Projection TVs though – sorry).

We’re also now accepting new types of recycling, including by popular demand… GLASS!

Here’s a summary of what’s new:

ALL BINS FOR METAL RECYCLABLES ARE GROUPED TOGETHER ON THE NORTH SIDE OF THE LOT, and the Cardboard, Papers, Plastics, and Glass are still on the South.
The Electronics & Batteries should be placed in the carport, located just above the new trailer on the South side.

Scrap Metal Bin:
We still have our large brown skid bin on the north side of the lot for your bulky metal items, including appliances that are almost entirely made of metal. We also have one of the green bins next to the brown bin for small and medium pieces of miscellaneous metal scrap. This is for most types of ferrous (magnetic) metal. Tin cans still have their own bin, and we also have a…

Scrap Aluminum, Copper, and Brass Bin:
Cat Food Cans, which are made of a lower grade of aluminum than regular beverage (soda/beer) cans, now have a separate bin labeled “Scrap Aluminum / Copper / Brass” next to the Aluminum Can bin. This is mostly so we can keep these Cat Food Cans from getting mixed in the with beverage can and tin can bins, as has been done for years previous (again, costing us a lot of lost money in sorting labor and reduced income).
This is the bin to use for those cat food cans and any other scrap aluminum – including window frames, antennas, alum. wire, etc… If you have any copper or brass scrap, please also place it in this bin.

Glass Bin:
By popular demand, we are finally able to accept Glass for recycling!
Please remove any metal or plastic lids before recycling your glass.
All different colors can go in the same bin, no need to separate by color! We accept Food & Beverage Containers, Drinkware, Cosmetic Jars, and more.
However, there are certain types of glass we aren’t able to accept, including: Mirrors, Automotive Glass, Pyrex, Milk Glass/Ceramic, Dishware, or Light Bulbs.
We encourage you to look at the full details about what is and isn’t accepted.
This glass bin is located on the new trailer, next to the plastics bins.

Corrugated Cardboard Bin:
We no longer have a separate open trailer for the corrugated cardboard, it is now a part of the new trailer. Remember: Only cardboard with “waves” sandwiched inside goes into the Corrugated Cardboard Bin. Other types of packing materials and non-corrugated pasteboard goes into the…

Mixed Paper Bin:
We no longer have a separate open trailer for mixed paper (pasteboard/chipboard – basically all types of non-corrugated cardboard). This Mixed Paper Bin is located on the new trailer, right next to the slots for the corrugated cardboard bin.
This is the place to put things like: ENVELOPES, Junk Mail, Cereal Boxes, Soda/Beverage Cases, Paper Towel Tubes, Cardstock, Construction/Kraft Paper, Waxed Paper containers of most sorts, “paper” Egg Cartons (not styrofoam) – and most any other recyclable paper EXCEPT NEWSPAPER, WHITE OFFICE “COPY” PAPER, MAGAZINES & BOOKS. (These types of paper have their own separate bins, please sort carefully).
Please remember to sort all paper envelopes into this Mixed Paper Bin, and NEVER in the White Paper Bin – even if they are white envelopes. The reason for this is that the glue (and plastic windows) on envelopes spoils the white paper processing.

We realize these are a lot of changes, and so we appreciate you reading all of this, and being patient with us as we adapt and fine-tune our new arrangement. Thank You very much for recycling here in McDonald County!

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