Litter Control


What to do if you notice a substantial amount* of litter on the road or right-of-way:

* For these purposes, a “substantial amount” means what would fill one large 33 gallon trash bag, or more.

Step 1: Take note of the location and the amount of litter.

Step 2: Is the litter within a city or village limits?
Then call the appropriate number below to report it:

For the Unincorporated areas of: Rocky Comfort, Longview, Powell, Tiff City, & Caverna, call MoDOT at 417-845-6111 if litter is along the right-of-way on a lettered or numbered highway, or call McDonald county Litter Control if otherwise: 417-454-4807.

Step 3: If the litter is outside a city, and on or alongside a highway maintained by the State of Missouri – which is any roadway outside of city limits that has a Letter or Number designation, such as: I-49, US-71, MO-76, “E” or “EE”
Then Call MoDOT: 417-845-6111

Step 4: If the litter is on or alongside any other county road in McDonald county (paved or unpaved), call McDonald County Litter Control at:

Office landline: 417-223-5459
Mobile/text: 417-454-4807

Be prepared to leave a message with the following information:

  1. Your name and phone number (in case we have additional questions about the location or amount/type of litter).
  2. The location and type of the litter, as best as you can describe it.

For instance, saying:

There’s trash on Sample Hollow Road, come pick it up.”
isn’t enough information, we’d definitely need to call you back before doing anything.

Instead, please say something more detailed, such as:

There’s quite a lot of cans, cups, and various small pieces of litter, all along Sample Hollow Road, starting a mile from Highway 1 all the way to and around the Spring Creek bridge.”


A large sofa is sitting in the ditch on the left side of Sample Hollow Road, approximately 3 miles from Highway “AA” as you head out of town.”


On Sample Hollow Road, about 5 garbage bags are piled around a tree, and it looks like animals have torn into them and scattered some of it around. It’s about 2 and a half miles from the corner of Highway 1, on the North side of the road.

The Litter Control program offers community service work, picking up roadside litter on workers spare time, by assignment only. If you or someone you know is looking to fulfill community service hours, contact us for details.

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